Current series is strong conceptually and in execution. Should it live with other work and how?

They can link to installations. Depict a presence. Work in time.

Color theory in motion. But is it really theory or just my personal taste?


So instead of dividing everything into subjects and objects, Pirsig divides reality into Dynamic Quality (this is capitalised deliberately) and static quality. ‘Dynamic Quality’ is the term he gives to the continually changing flux of immediately-experienced reality, while ‘static quality’ refers to any concept abstracted from this flux. The term ‘Dynamic’ indicates something not fixed or determinate, which means that Dynamic Quality cannot be defined, and therefore a true understanding of it can only be given directly in experience.

“It’s important to keep all ‘concepts’ out of Dynamic Quality. Concepts are always static. Once they get into Dynamic Quality they’ll overrun it and try to present it as some kind of a concept itself… [For instance] time is only a problem for the [Platonists] because if time has none of the properties of an object then it must be subjective. And if time is subjective that means Newton’s laws of acceleration and many other laws of physics are subjective. Nobody in the scientific world wants to allow that. All this points to a huge fundamental metaphysical difference between the MOQ [Metaphysics of Quality] and classical science: The MOQ is truly empirical. Science is not. Classical science starts with a concept of the objective world – atoms and molecules – as the ultimate reality. This concept is certainly supported by empirical observation but it is not the empirical observation itself.”

Prints on photographic paper.


The Metaphysics of Quality combines the four levels of patterns to produce one overall moral framework which has a cosmological evolutionary hierarchy, in which the entity or process that has more freedom on the evolutionary scale – the one that is more Dynamic – takes moral precedence. So for instance, a human being is seen as having moral precedence over a dog because humans are at a higher level of cosmological evolution because of our intellect. So, together with updating some Buddhist ideas in the light of modern science, the ultimate benefit of the Metaphysics of Quality is that by removing morals from social convention and placing them on a scientifically-based theory of evolution, it removes much of the cultural subjectivity that is inherent in many ethical beliefs (especially religious ones).
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Antonio Damasio: Sometimes we use our minds not to discover facts, but to hide them. We use part of the mind as a screen to prevent another part of it from sensing what goes on elsewhere. The screening is not necessarily intentional — we are not deliberate obfuscators all of the time — but deliberate or not, the screen does hide.




Painting with color

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