2024 SALK


Visual Interpretation of a composition by Mozart. Workshops together with the young patients.

Workshop 1 - July 8,9,10:
Introducing the challenge.

Workshop 2 - August 5,6,7:
Creating designs

Ideas for the workshops:

1. Presentation of graphical representations of music.







John Cage Notations:

Sketching musical impressions.
What kind of music works best?

Convert scales to colors.
Different instruments can be different textures or line qualities

How do you depict a piano note?
violin. cello etc.

Turn ribbon into musical score, think of notes but also of an audio editor or DAW. Slices or bricks.

Pictures of skaters in timelapse.
Can this be done with musicians?

How about a pianostrip. Show the painting by kupka.

František Kupka

2. Explore pieces by Mozart. 

Listen to several pieces.
Maybe a composition when he was very young. - Minuet in G major KV 1 by W.A. Mozart When he was 5 years old.

An opera has words which can make it instantly recognizable. Find quotes from Mozart operas.
German or Italian?


Zum Ziele führt dich diese Bahn
This path will take you to your destination

soll die Empfindung Liebe sein?
– Ja, ja, die Liebe ist's allein.
Dies Etwas kann ich zwar nicht nennen
doch fühl ich's hier wie Feuer brennen

I cannot name this something, but I feel it burning here like fire; should the feeling be love? – Yes, yes, it's love alone.

3. Presentation about murals and composition, scale, simplicity and big gestures. Figurative vs abstract or text. Mural vs. Context.

Excersize: Sketching ideas on prints of the mural.

4. Picking a piece and studying it. Maybe playing parts 

5. Graphic ideas for the specific piece.

6. Presentation of ideas

Some references: