2024 MARCH 


The free democratic west has shown us that absolutely nothing is sacred. 
AI news.
Death of history as we know it 
Death of future

Large + smaller studies
big theme of western deception of progress
the rousseau of this art shit


A fantasy future combining the best and the worst in a magical realist mystery, is it the past or the future? A future retelling of the now.

Bible themed compositions
everything colored differently including people
coded grid based
Pseudo Scientific
Coded decoration - computer


Burning city
Glass facades reflecting fire and destruction
Broken glass facade, with fire inside
Animated mirror facades
Add fire to existing footage
Whole skyline attacked by lines, exploding in pixels (computer game ref., playing with destruction.)
Google streetview burning apocalyptic scenes inserted
Cities after the fire, overgrown, farming

Also reflect burning palm trees
fighter planes and bombers, parachutes

Death of internet

PIle of broken screens
piles of computers, phones etc
Browsers showing static

Analog machines, offline machinery
the last update
Cut the cables


Long march
People on the move
compiled from all videos and films
overlayed grid perspective
painting too, deep dark background with luminous chalk thick lines for grid.
people painted with thick paint.

Rewriting the past and Writing the future
historical footage and imagery
abstract surroundings connecting everything in 3d grid form
The Grid signifying a spatial time.. the same setting moving in time. Reoccurring patterns of human behaviour and power. Use the spatial element of perspective to connect instances in history.
End of an empire.

Red pink faces, angry rage. Red white and blue coloring for clothing. 
Contrasting with.... the stale grid background, the system of planetary murder

Rewriting done by AI. 

Power makes you dumb.

Dead Sea
Ships on the bottom of the ocean
ship halfway to the bottom

Heroes and Prophets
The people in power
power of what 
Weilding what

The death of the book

Ocean of cars
Robots in Suits
Weapons of mass corruption

Gods of destruction
World of distraction

Met some of those high end gallerists today. I felt that old eagerness that helps noone. Glad I didn’t act on it. But what is that? I feel eagerness and disdain. Disdain is something I should watch out for. You cannot know nothing about a person and feel disdain.

I like the word though. As a title for a work. Disdain for the man in a suit, the man who feels disdain. Or I think he does. What is the color of disdain? What shape? Maybe it is orange, because orange.

Can we talk about musical ambitions? What is that? Does it satisy some kind of mathematic desire to understand and play with time?
Place things in time, a linear composition.

Atmosphere is what I can create with music. It doesn’t have to be beats. Or danceable.

long march


late Middle English (as an adjective): from Latin deliberatus, ‘considered carefully’, past participle of deliberare, from de- ‘down’ + librare ‘weigh’ (from libra ‘scales’).

pData Center:

Just the cube.

timeline scrolling at the bottom as a ring.
alternating facts

spinning globe on the block

Fictional place

wealth gap
military expenditure
climate deaths
animal extinction
child mortality
connected to the internet
amount of cars
earth temperature
beyonce no 1 hits
%AI content
phone time
books read
world population

names of all the deaths
font size to equalize amount of space taken

industrial revolution

it needs humor, rediculousness
scrolling phones, computer games

Or just symmetrical ego compositions
More fun to make, more effective less smart
less newsworthy