2015-2024, 73x48cm - 28.7”x 18.9”. Spraypaint on plywood.

Color studies for mural project on large scale in Vila Cruzeiro, an informal community in Rio de Janeiro. 

30% of the proceeds will be donated to a youth soccer project in Rio that is very close to my heart. @inkprojeto is run by my longtime friend @fabiorondinelle in the community of Chapadão. Through free soccer training for boys and girls, INK provides structure and family for those youth at risk of getting caught up in the lethal drug trade.

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Ever since I first laid eyes on the favelas of Rio de Janeiro they have been a continuous source of inspiration. The way the houses are built by the people who live there on the hills, organically, reminiscent of a coral reef. I spent 15 years doing mural projects in Rio with the Favela Painting project. Our ultimate goal was to paint an entire favela together with the community. We didn't quite get there but our murals were an inspiration for many similar projects throughout South America, often on a much larger scale. That image of a fully colored favela never left me and over the last 10 years I continued studying the subject as I learned more about color. Last year I picked up work on a series of color studies I started in 2015. I even painted over some that I felt could be better. These are studies for an actual location in the North of Rio. This resulted in a new series of 22 original paintings.